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XML for resource amounts, scrapping vs. smelting in forge


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Hi, all. I have a question about the way the game determines how many resources you get when you scrap an item. For the sake of argument, let's talk about a radiator.


If you scrap it in your backpack, you get X amount of raw brass in your backpack. If you smelt it in a forge, you get Y amount of raw brass in the forge. What determines these amounts?


From what I can tell, the "Weight" property's value determines how many resources you get in the forge. But I don't have any idea what determines the amount of resources you get in your backpack.


Does anyone know?


I'm actually asking to see what the ratio is, because I want to use that same ratio elsewhere. I just need to know where to look.



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Thanks! The reason I ask is that I am considering making dyes craftable from paint. You can't stack dyes (or any other mods), so I figured that this would be an OK substitute. I wanted the user to "lose" about the same that they would if they scrapped any other item. So if scrapping dye gives you 20 paint, it should cost you about 27 paint to craft (I'll probably just round that to 25).

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