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Nutrition Buffs


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This is my first mod; use at your own risk! ;)



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So, what problem are we trying to solve?


Food management does not evolve as levels increase; instead it mostly disappears into the background.  Similarly, farming requires only one or two real crops to keep you topped up at max cooking; finding new seeds or crops is not exciting, and meat begins to overflow storage boxes.


This mod is aimed at incentivizing variety in food intake, and thus making variety in farming valuable while also putting some pressure on increased meat usage, primarily through providing buffs for a diverse diet.  Also works as a 'dump' for excess food.


This mod adds several new nutrition metrics in addition to your general hunger bar: protein, carbs, and fruits & veggies.  These nutrition metrics degrade over a several day period and are replenished by specific foods (eat meat based foods to restore protein, for example).  Allowing these metrics to go too low will result in a slight debuff, while keeping them high provides buffs.


Metrics are designed to degrade slowly so you don't need to carry many stacks of food with you; just switch up your food each day and you'll stay 'in the green' for most of your play periods.  But you'll still need to focus stack foods to get the top level buffs for blood moons or other important outings.


The idea of this mod is to transform the food system in late-game so it's still interesting and relevant.  Right now once you get seeds for one or two of the best foods you're done; just grow and eat the same thing all the time; the other 50+ foods available may as well not exist.  This gives them a reason to exist, and makes farming and cooking more interesting, and finding new seeds more exciting.


Spoiler warning!  Read this section only if you don't want to explore and figure it out yourself.



All nutrient levels start at 70 and degrade by approximately 2.5 per minute (or 150 per day assuming a 60 minute game-day).  Degradation slows to 25% normal when under 100 of a given nutrient, and speeds up to 400% normal when over 800.  Max is 1000.


Nutrients are gained by eating foods.  Early game foods will provide around 20 nutrients total, while late game foods provide around 100.  Nutrients provided are based on the food eaten.  Any excess that would push a nutrient level over 1000 is lost.



  • Malnourishment - Occurs when any two nutrients are under 50.  Stamina regen is decreased by 5%.  Avoidable early game when both meat and cornbread are available together; two of each a day will keep malnourishment away!



  • Healthy - Occurs when all three nutrients are above 500.  Stamina regen is increased by 10%, and health and stamina max is increased by 5.  Should be maintained relatively easily when mid-game recipes are available and you're producing several different kinds of food.
  • Very Healthy - Occurs when all three nutrients are above 900.  Gain an additional 3 stamina and health max compared to "healthy", and effectiveness of healing is increased by 25%.  Only practical for short periods, like blood moons for instance, due to increased nutrient degradation above 800.
  • Ripped - Occurs when protein level is above 900.  Damage from all sources to all targets, including blocks, is increased by 20%.
  • Energetic - Occurs when carbs level is above 900.  Run speed, reload speed, and attack speed are all increased by 20%.
  • Quick Thinking - Occurs when fruits and vegetables level is above 900.  Experience gain and damage resist are increased by 20%.




As much as possible I've tried to make foods give realistic nutrients to keep the mod intuitive.  However, a few major deviations needed made to best accomplish the gameplay goal of the mod.  I am aware that nutrient intake doesn't exactly match what we would expect in real life and welcome thoughts.  But please bear in mind that gameplay takes precedence over realism in this context.




This mod was written to be compatible with A20.  It may or may not work with other versions.


This mod was designed for new games, but preliminary testing indicated it may work for existing games.  As always, fully backup your game before attempting to add any mod!


I cannot guarantee compatibility with any other mod, but I suspect this one will be compatible with most others.  Mods that add foods will not be 'compatible' in that they won't provide any nutrients, other than the exceptions below.  Mods that alter the player display window will probably be okay, but could cause some incompatibility making nutrient levels unavailable for viewing.  


This mod will add nutrition values to foods from several other mods, but only if it is loaded *after* those mods (it's folder name is alphabetically after the others).  Currently, these other mods are supported:

  • Oakraven chicken coops
  • Oakraven hydroponic farming
  • JaxTeller718's Nuts and Berries
  • Telric's fishing


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Added information about support for other mods (see edit history)
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15 minutes ago, TiTANSTORM said:

Is this a server side script or does it require the client to install as well? I noticed there is a XUi folder which looks to require clients and server install?


I wish I knew the answer to that.  Unfortunately, I've never run a server, and I can't seem to find any definitive information anywhere on what makes a mod required on the client side.


As there are no additional image or 3D files, my *guess* would be that this will work as a server-only mod.  You can easily test by setting up a server and then connecting with a client without the mod and verifying that:

  • You can see your current nutrition levels under the character details tab
  • You can see nutrition metrics on any food item (if one works they all work)
  • Eating any food items adds nutrition for your character (if one works they all work)

Please let me know how it goes if you decide to try it.

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I'm enjoying your mod but there really isn't a good early game source of fruits so I was wondering if you would consider adding JaxTeller718's nuts and berries mod to this as another source of proteins and fruits.

Thank you


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2 hours ago, swmeek said:

I'm enjoying your mod but there really isn't a good early game source of fruits so I was wondering if you would consider adding JaxTeller718's nuts and berries mod to this as another source of proteins and fruits.



Sure.  It's been updated, but not play tested.


Please download again and try it with the nuts and berries mod.  I've never used that mod so I don't know how hard or easy the nuts and berries are to come by, so please let me know if you think the nutrition they provide is too high or low.



A reminder for those who aren't using the nuts and berries mod: corn is relatively easy to find in farms early game, and cornbread provides an early boost to greens.  That said, this mod is primarily targeted at late-game.  As such, I've updated the stamina loss from malnourishment to 2% instead of 5% to make it less punishing in the first few weeks.  The primary purpose of that debuff is mostly to introduce players to the mod and let them know it exists.


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