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Streamers, have your OBS react to game activity in real time with this mod


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Do you stream and want to bring another layer of interactivity into your 7 Days gameplay? Watch the video below to see what I came up with.



Raced to kill 25 zombies first with the 7 Days to Die to Streamer.bot Mod made by kk964
Download the bot:
Download the mod:
Join the Streamer.bot discord for more mods, tools, games and other cool stuff for your stream
Catch me live at
Special thanks to KK964
https://twitter.com/KK964gaming VRFLad @ https://vrflad.com and nate1280 at https://patreon.com/nate1280


The mod still needs a bit of documentation and tweaking but it is usable at the moment. Currently, these are the events supported by the mod:
# Events 
- ChatMessage: 
  - ChatMessage {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "message":"Message"}
- PlayerDeath:
  - PlayerDeath {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}}
- PlayerKillZombie:
  - PlayerKillZombie {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "entity":"EntityName"}
- PlayerKillAnimal:
  - PlayerKillAnimal {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "entity":"EntityName"}
- PlayerJoin:
  - PlayerJoin {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}}
- PlayerLeave:
  - PlayerLeave {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}}
- PlayerSpawnIn:
  - PlayerSpawnIn {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "type":"TypeOfSpawn"}
- PlayerDamage:
  - PlayerDamage {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "damage": "DamageAmount", "cause": "DamageCause"}
- PlayerKillEntity:
  - PlayerKillEntity {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "entity":"EntityName", "animal":bool, "zombie":bool}


All but the "Damage" event are working great. As it stands the damage event is inconsistent. One of the ideas I was looking to do is add blood splatter to the edges the lower in health I get and also have the game source rumble/shake when damage done and start faded to black and white at 15% health left.

The ideas are almost endless on what one can achieve  

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