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Auto-pick up vehicle on exit?


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I have not dug into modding 7D2D much at this point, other than some basic XML changes, so I wanted to check with other folks who might be more experienced...  Players on my server have regularly run into the issue: when exiting a vehicle, the vehicle is warped back to where it was boarded. This can be a real pain in the neck, as I'm sure most of you are aware.

Would it be possible to combat this issue through modding, by having the user auto-pick up the vehicle after exiting it? (driver only)


I know that some servers require people to pick up their vehicles before logging out, so such a mod might be helpful for that as well.


Is this something that can be done with the 7D2D modding tools? (I wouldn't think that it would be possible with XML)

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I'm not sure it is sensible to expend effort on a mod that corrects a bug. The bug might get corrected any time and make the mod useless.


The other problem is that vehicles can't be picked up when they have anything in their inventory. IF you really want to start rummaging in the c# code to find ways to implement this your time might be better spent searching for the bug itself.

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