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Digging leaves floating surface blocks and makes a portal to the void


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Looks like your world got corrupted somehow. Maybe a crash, or you closed using Alt-F4, or it's an old world from b218... just guessing really.

You could try chunkreset cr from the command line to fix that spot, and if that doesn't work, deleting the region file may fix it.

Everything in that region would be reset though, so if your base is there, that would be a problem.

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1 hour ago, glasseye said:

it's a new world

Could you tell me the seed name and location of the error? (f11 will take a screenshot with this info included)

Are you using electricity?

I just noticed your player name has brackets in it. It's been a known issue that names with unusual characters can bork a game.

Try setting your name to something simple like Ricardo and see if that changes anything.

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Actualy have something similar, also near my base like 2 chunks away.....its odd as if i dig to much in that chunk it becomes a full portal to the void down to bedrock. If i reload by exiting the game, the chunk has the blocks i dug actually dug and it shows up ...somewhat normal, but several blocks at the top of the hole i dug are still there, cannot be interacted with, cannot be dug up, and error an entire makeshift surface that I can walk on but shouldnt be able as all the blocks below that have been dug up.

its really odd. not sure how to post a screen shot here as copy paste isnt working into this text reply.


Tried this command to reset the chunk,
repairchunkdensity [-201 44] [fix]
Because all my other searches for commands to do so find nothing. HOWEVER all i get is 'At least one of the coordinates is Not a valid Integer'

sot sure what to do but avoid this chunk in game?

Single Player, NO MODS

Error ground created.png

Void portal in 7dtd.png

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