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Difficult to see when in the Gyro


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I've noticed that when using the Gyrocopter in A20 (Compared to A19) It is difficult to see. Very rarely does the sky clear up. Its either white or grey. You can't see any tree, buildings, or even mountains until you almost crash into them. It doesn't matter how high you go. In fact, the higher you go the worse it gets. Kind of wrecks the Gyro experience... Any plans to clear the sky so it's more like A19? I understand that bad weather can cause low visibility, it just seems like there is always bad weather...

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This is the same thing happening to me.  I think I'm going to go in today and mod out the fog, if I can figure it out or someone already has a mod.  While "realistic", it is absolutely unfun having VFR instrumentation and IFR flying conditions.

One thing I haven't tried is the NVGs, while flying.  Does this make it where you can see?  Will try today as every time I get to the choppa, it clouds over.

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If you create a mod with the following biomes.xml file in the Config folder, it will "fix" the sky in the wasteland. (Basically, it swaps out the wasteland sky for the pine forest sky. But be aware it does this regardless of if you are flying... and it doesn't really feel right.)


    <setattribute xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome[@name='wasteland']/spectrum" name="name">pine_forest</setattribute>

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