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Block Phsyics, Just Wanted to Share this Idea.


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Often when I'm collecting cement, cobblestone, and stone from POI's there will be things like cardboard boxes left hovering after removing the resources... Obviously, I don't mean actually floating, but because there is something near by, supporting it.


There's two things I can think of that would need to happen to solve this problem. A system that allowed for some things to only take support from below. And a system that allowed for some things not disappear or turn into rubble after falling. This behavior would work well for furniture and other similar items like cardboard boxes, and loot/storage boxes.


It's something I didn't question too much until now but if some objects feel straight down, if unsupported by something below them, without breaking, that would really improve the block physics system. Of course, at a certain height differing objects would actually have to break.

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