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A 20 Quest Bug Report


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This is a report not a request for help.   I don't require a response.


Windows.  10 km Pregen.  Separate characters.


Clear "The Dead Rooster" bar 2572 E  3525N / Tier 1

Failed to complete when I was done killing the zombies.  Killed all the chickens to be on the safe side still didn't complete.  Logged out and restarted still wouldn't complete.

I cleared the roof, second floor, the barrel storage room, both bathrooms (ground floor and basement) and the cages in the basement.  Also killed the zombie dog in the back yard.  There was a lag for appearance of the two crawling zombies at the foot of the stair in the basement.  On one clear a third crawler appeared after I had run around the basement for a minute (three clears only saw the third crawler once).


Restart Power "Aldo's Cabinet" 2606E 3618N / Tier 2

Playing with 2 hours day cycle with 18 hours of daylight (so dark between 2200-0400)

Arrived at the location before 2200.  Didn't attempt to activate the quest marker until 2200.  Received message that the quest couldn't be completed at that time.  Waited and activated the marker every 30 game minutes. Quest wouldn't activate.  At 0100 the message changed to can only be started between 2200-0100.

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I just had the same problem with Clear "The Dead Rooster" bar


after clearing all Zombies it wasn't until I went outside around the outside section that a yellow dot showed up in the basement.  However the yellow dot ended up showing nothing there.  I exited out of the game and went back in only for the quest to completely reset.


the second time I ran this I killed all zombies, thought I had killed all chickens, went outside same yellow dot in the basement, I then went out on the roof and saw a chicken trying to run against the fence in the back corner outside section, killed it with a bow and arrow and the quest was completed.


So basically it looks as though the quest is counting chickens as part of the clear quest.  Not sure if this is a bug or as intended but the dot showing up in the basement is an issue.

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