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Any ETA on a fix for this issue? (Involves vehicles)


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This is the second time now this has happened, I had a vehicle parked outside the poi I was going to quest in, when I finished the quest and go to go back to my vehicle it is no longer there, it is now buried sometimes multiple blocks underground in a random spot nearby, this time, it ended up.. here in the basement of this house, look at picture. I don't even know how it FIT in that spot.


Edit: Forgot to mention This is happening in single player, so its not just a multiplayer issue.


7DaysToDie 2021-12-13 01-51-48.png

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Im encountering this as well. We just god mode everytime now and get it out of the ground or go to the spot 100-400 it has now chosen to be at. Im playing multiplayer with 1 other person. He is hosting. This happens to me ALOT, he doesnt see it that often. I actually watched my motocycle teleport once, went to get on it and it  vanished in front of me xD

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