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Restore power implementation quite lackluster and a big missed opportunity


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Have done a few restore power quests now in A20 experimental and, sadly, its quite a disappointment.


Functionally, they are identical to "clear and retrieve"

- they require you to clear the POI as part of the quest, just like clear and retrieve.

- you have to travel to the generator and interact with it, just like having to go get the supplies.


The only current difference is that they're only able to be started at night, and interacting with the generator spawns a few zombies that aggro onto you.

So i suppose they're a tiny bit harder than a fetch/clear due to the forced night start, but they don't FEEL any different.



They really dropped the ball on implementing something NEW. 

As it is, the generator already has a 15 second timer to "restart" it....like lockpicking.  Also like lockpicking, the generator timer "fails" (and spawns zombies).  

The generator also visibly sputters and flashes noisily.


They could have made it a half measure between clear quests and fetch(only) quests!  They could have dropped the "clear the POI" requirement, made sure the generator was in a central, large and spacious location in the POI, probably with some zombies around, and had the generator be louder and brighter as the timer ticked down, and aggro'd zombies from further and further out in the POI.  The generator might sputter and you have to start over, or you might get hit and have to restart.....BUT it means you might be able to kill only a few zombies, or fortify a door or something, and start the generator and RUN!  


It could have been made into an player choice with risk/reward gameplay, the ability to prepare and fortify, and the possibility of having a chance at a quicker, easier quest at the risk of possibly getting swarmed.


So much of A20 has been cool and interesting, both visually and gameplay direction - its a real shame that the "new quest type" is so completely the same as an existing one.

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It's new.  If all works well, then yes, it could possibly be expanded upon.


I haven't had any zombies spawn when starting the jennies, as I clear all the zeds first.

(don't like unwanted visitors nibbling on the back of my noggin when I'm doing tech work)  😜


In future could do, restart gen to have power.

Now go back to the powered door that wouldn't open, throw switch to get to next area, or loot room etc.

(or it drops the drawbridge over the ravine to the next area, that you can't get to with just blocks)


Possibilities....   :)


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