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AP munition and/or the penetrator skill are too strong. A20


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In PVP Multiplayer is AP munition and/or the penetrator skill too strong. AP munition gives now -50% Target armor. The penetrator skill gives additional 50% penetration with AP rounds. The result is (I've tested this), that you can actually achieve 100% penetration to player armor. It means, that ranged damage dealt to heavy armor is the same as if you were naked. Then movement penalty, skills, modifications and work invested into armor is almost for nothing. Clearly wrong balanced mechanic.

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1 minute ago, theFlu said:

Land claim, lockable containers, friend or foe on electronics, shall I go on..?

none of which are pvp. Locks help in pve to keep people from stealing stuff on pve servers, land claims stop zombie spawns and keep people out of your base in pve. The  strangers one is the only thing I can see totally being pvp.

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Just now, myrkana said:

Make a mod for it. This is a pve game first and they cant make changes just for pvp. You can likely mod all of this for your server though.

Yes that is true, mods solve anything.. Still, I think this should me at least mentioned and maybe tweaked.. it was fine in A19. Now it's big deal for PvP and small change for PvE against zombies.. Developers aiming for overall better and balanced game, for example Hunter mod was nerfed from 100% damage to players and animals to only 25% damage to animals..

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