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Dedicated server won't generate world: Error starting dedicated server: GameWorld "VomitingSpleens" not found!


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Linux Slackware 14.2+ 5.15.0 kernel.

32GB ram

133G available hard drive space on SSD

Nothing else is running on the server.


Initial startup of server. Intent is to have it generate the world because it does not yet exist. But instead of generating the world, it immediately spits this into the log and terminates:


2021-12-07T19:17:33 3.909 ERR ======================================================
2021-12-07T19:17:33 3.909 ERR Error starting dedicated server: GameWorld "VomitingSpleens" not found!
2021-12-07T19:17:33 3.909 ERR ======================================================
2021-12-07T19:17:33 3.955 INF Terminating threads
2021-12-07T19:17:33 3.956 INF OnApplicationQuit


I've done this dozens of  times with A19, I know how to set serverconfig.xml, and I know how to get an A19 server to generate a world. Is there something different we need to do with A20 to get a dedicated server to generate a world when the world does not exist? I can post logs and serverconfig.xml if necessary, but thought I'd ask first.

PS Yes I wiped everything. This server is a clean download into an empty directory.

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Hey actually you seem to be pretty good with dedicated servers.


Simple question so I don't lose my world.


I have a dedicated server on Nitrado and just generated a world.


So in the XML gameworld is RWG

My seed is Necropolis

Size is 10240


I restarted the server and bam it generated the world within 20 minutes according to the logs.


But now if we want to change some settings I'm afraid it's going to generate a new world every time it restarts. Is that how it works or I can just leave it and restart at will without any problem?

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