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Even in A20 terrain is still broken.


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After waiting through the BS that is streamers getting the game first, I was excited to see if the terrain issue is fixed.  It is not.  At this point, it is safe to assume that it will never be fixed.


You dig up grass and place snow, it shows as grass.  You dig up grass and place sand it shows as grass.  You dig up grass and place asphalt, it shows as asphalt.


Why does this only work for select terrains?  If I want to place a green lawn in the desert, it shouldn't show as sand and harvest as dirt.  

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It seems like every time there's an improvement, we lose existing features that work.  Cities now look the best they ever have, but you have no ability to change the ground.  Why is it not a priority in the new update that is focused on the world, overall?


I've also hated farm plots since their inception; it's a grinding halt to realism and ruins the landscape when you have to excavate a field and replace it with blocky grids.

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We did not just lose the existing feature of being able to place snow blocks in another biome and have them stay snow. That has been the case since A17 when they switched to microsplat terrain. This terrain has many benefits that help make the game playable and solve many problems that the old terrain couldn't handle. It was deemed worth it even at the expense of farming in its original form.


So in A17 farming changed because terrain generation changed. The issue you raise hasn't been on the list to fix since then because there is no fix. It is simply the way the world works and the way it has worked for the past couple of years.


If the technology changes in the future and it isn't too difficult to apply those changes to 7 Days to Die then things might change. But for now it isn't even categorized as a bug. The terrain is actually working as expected and the new cities are not the culprit (although if the terrain change hadn't been made back in A17 we probably wouldn't ever get what we have now..)

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