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Background music in Bloodmoon (+Another suggestion)


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Hi pro gamers, im the totally noob. If background music will be added in A20 (or A21), can it be changed in file o game? Just want put heavy metal :))))))

P.s: Yes-yes, i can download music in pc and use it, but it's too long and lazy for me.

About zombie models, can it be changed? Just want make cheap-maded models with friend.

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Open browser, if you haven´t already install adblock plus or any other adblocker, go to youtube, make a playlist for bloodmoon, diasable music in game. No need for downloading. Pretty sure that´s less work than changing the music in game wich you would need to download also.


And yes you can change the zombie models. There is a few mods that already do it. I have no clue how it works tough but you can take a look in the mod section of the forum and ask one of the moders who know how to do it.



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