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  1. Hi pro gamers, im the totally noob. If background music will be added in A20 (or A21), can it be changed in file o game? Just want put heavy metal :)))))) P.s: Yes-yes, i can download music in pc and use it, but it's too long and lazy for me. About zombie models, can it be changed? Just want make cheap-maded models with friend.
  2. What hud you using it's looks handy for noob like me :OOO. Send link in dm (if in this site have DM)
  3. yes, i need to upgrade my PC. But im saving up for new pc. And my budged is 70.000-100.000 rubles for a new pc. yes, but. Graphics quality... We will see in 20A and 21A. a matter of time and work of coders
  4. Optimization in 7DTD is average, it's bad and some good. But not ideal. In blood moon i have 30-40 fps. But before blood moon start i have 59-60 fps (on minimal settings, monitor is 1600x900), and it's uncomfortable when your fps drops sharply to 30-40. Can devs make unusual optimization for blood moon? I have an 1 idea: blocks outside the fog will not be rendered, which will not load the video card. Or, they will be rendered, but in very poor quality. My pc: AMD Phenom II X6 1035T Processor (6 yards), 8.0 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 750Ti. So, in 20A there will be a multi threaded render (I forgot what it's already called, but it distributes work across processor cores). Almost forgot, In what alpha the WHOLE code will be redone and finished? Just because of Unity update 7DTD code is old and it's need to be redone. P.s: I need any commands for optimization (F1 menu), but not those that make the graphics worse, but something passive or something that will not be visible to the eye
  5. by the way. Why devs choose the Unity engine? Why not Unreal, Cry engine and other free/cheap engines? But i think, Unity is good engine too, just need ultra skills to make good optimization in Unity. It seems that the most extensive engine is Unity, because you can almost implement all your ideas in it, but hard work is - optimization?
  6. I don't know why you want delete upgraded concrete, but basic concrete weak on 20-30 day with another player (friend). But if player would can make steel without crucible: ok. But crucible still need in 20A for the steel, then how survive in blood moon against Demolisher and other zombies. That will be hard for 2 newbies. But, i will shut up if basic conrete will have up to 4000 or 3250 health (P.s here another idea, im too lazy to make another post for this.) I know, that's dumb idea. But what about to buy access to Source engine and make 7DTD in source? That can took a year to make new code and (probably) make new models for Source. This... Maybe... will be interesting?
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