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Fragile windows you can jump through


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I  want to be corned in a building and see an un-barricaded window and essentially dive through it to the other side.  Take a bit of health damage but better than dying.  The damage should never kill you but it should take you to 1 HP, and of course you have to deal with w/e fall damage awaits on the other side.


Zombies and dogs should also be able to go through those windows to get to you, making POI way different when it comes to defending them.  And now upgrading windows into  their barricaded forms has new meaning and incentive.  It might keep them out, or it might keep you in.

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It would be kinda cool if you ran into any plain glass of it would shatter and cut you if not “protected” well. Then the higher levels of buildings could not be barricaded as much, allowing jump out.


of course, I’m sure “just punch them” will be the standard/normal answer here…. But… if by running into Windows you could do damage, in theory “running into anything” could cause damage. This might be a neat perk to buff up… like “bouncer” or “steel shoulder” where you could run into zeds/doors/barricaded windows/etc and actually do some

damage, with all the applied dangers of doing this.  It might be nice to be able to  buff up (put points into) a perk to be able push through and hurt/knock down /etc zeds for a short while if you’re trapped.  And push other people around, especially while panicking or on purpose


and don’t run into a barrel :)

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