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Hey all, 


I am having trouble getting this to work and I think i am missing something simple.

My desire is to change what you get when you scrap an item in your inventory or forge.  Which is based on the "Material" associated with the item or block.  That "Material" has a property= forge_category that determines what you receive upon scrapping or smelting.  

Whenever I change the value for "forge_category" I can no longer scrap at all. The game does not recognize anything that I have changed. 

ALSO... I created my own Materials that work as long as I select one of the base forge_category resuolts such as "wood" or "stone" BUT it does NOT work at all if I select something else.


What am I missing to get the game to recognize my new "material" specifically the new "forge_category"?????


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Thank you BFT2020.  You forced me to put everything in order for a single Material to post on here and in so doing I realized my mistake.  I had forgotten to add the <wildcard_forge_category/> under Recipes.   Stupid mistake of mine.  Thanks.

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