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Update the models for A20, Trader Jen is by far the best model


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All our edited/created/preset characters in-games looks like we got dragged through the woods backwards, lost quite a bit of hair, nicely put we look horrible whereas we have 1 single female in-game that we cannot play as or use her model.


Please update the models and allows us to make them look more realistic 

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You mean the player character avatars? Those are based on something called UMA (a third-party tool).


The Fun Pimps are planning to get rid of UMA altogether, and focus on fewer player models, with fewer clothing options, but all of which are created in-house and work well together. (Theoretically this would also form the basis for bandit models.)


They originally planned to do this for A20 but it was too much work, so they pushed it to A21.

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