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I agree.  I think having it smaller (even just a red dot or "error count" in a corner), or a way to disable it would be nice, however I've found that sometimes the console pops up and streams errors and freezes the game (or almost freezes meaning its hard to get it to stop streaming but by spamming "esc" and the console "close" button you can sometimes at least properly exit the game)


I'm not sure if hiding it completely would be better as it does tell you "something went wrong" when it streams and freezes.  If it didn't then people would likely complain that "my game is choppy for no reason" or "it just froze"... but then again it might not be too bad as the community gets used to "check the logs for streaming errors".


In Project Zombiod when errors occur, by default, they pop up and disappear relatively quick on the right side of the screen.  Of course, "catching" them in game is annoying but the visual cue of "bad errors are occurring that should not occur! Beware , instability exists!" is nice.  In all fairness Zombiod also doesn't tell you clearly about what is causing the error (while in game). In 7D2D its annoying to have to close the massive console pop up (especially when it keeps popping up and takes over game controls) *but* it does kinda give you some information sometimes.  I wish it actually told you more about the error or object/entity that  was throwing the error, or what mod it was from ( best case option IMHO) so you could easily fix it (remove that mod) or know its *not* a mod (contact game devs) or just live with it (known/infrequent bug). Yeah it could easily be logged but it would be nice while playing for a small pop up that auto closes after 3 seconds say something like "mod: XYZ. [error message]" so as you play you can figure out how bad the mod(s) are that are throwing the error.


If the error was bad enough to freeze/hurt the game I just want to be able to know what it was and then be able to *easily* shut down safely vs "power off my PC/hard crash"

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