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  1. Behemoths are not affected by electrical traps, they pass as if there was nothing
  2. I have a problem, the power went out when I was playing and when I got back into the game I did not get the map I was playing, I have looked in the save folder and it is still there but it does not detect it within the game.
  3. Thank you very much that has worked for me
  4. I opened the box and closed it quickly. The box broke, the objects fell into a backpack and I picked them up, but the mission was canceled by itself.
  5. Any way to remove items from inventory? I failed the buried supplies mission and now the supplies take up 1 inventory space and I can't do anything
  6. I accepted a mission of the buried treasure and when I opened the chest I closed it very quickly it broke and a backpack fell with everything, now the mission has been canceled and I have the supplies in the inventory without being able to eliminate it, any idea?
  7. Where is the HD generator crafted?
  8. You say the titanium right? Because the normal one I don't think has that hp
  9. Is there a way not to use so many repair kits on the auger? 4 is excessive
  10. Day 15 tier 3 mission a @%$#ing demon zombie with 1000 life and super regenerative life. They are si OP. Like 200 9mm bullets in head and 40 0.44 in head to kill.
  11. I do Dat like 2 times and don't work
  12. Is there a difference in Eco or HD because the motorcycle has the same speed but the gasoline is used at different speeds
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