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overhaul of surface blocks ?


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1st: what  I mean with surface blocks are for example top soil or dirt blocks.


I was wondering whether there has been a discussion about the gap that is generated if you place a block like a woodframe into a 1-block deep hole.

See here to see what i mean

It bothers me quiet a while now, especially when driving arround with mini bikes or 4x4.

And I was wondering if I am alone with that.

I would kind of like to have the transistion a bit smoother.


Also blocks getting damage if you drive over with a 4x4.

Example Vid

And this was very slow.


Not sure whether this could be optimised in a future patch or something 

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The problem is more of a logical rather than a technical one; this is all conjecture, I'm sure some technicalities will be wrong, but I'm just trying to demonstrate the problem.


A terrain block needs to shape itself according to the nearby terrain blocks to dynamically create slopes.


If you treat other block types as "air", you'll have the current system. The terrain doesn't really care that they're there. (When first placed, the terrain will flatten away, but that's a special case with the smoothing from world gen / damage sim)


The easy alternative would be to treat other block types as terrain, which would smooth those gaps; but it would also cause terrain blocks to slope up along walls which just makes everything look like they're sunk into the ground.


I haven't thought it through that much, but I'm sure the Pimps have, and gotten to a conclusion that it's not feasible to write a good logic for it (keeping in mind it should have a runtime of exactly none.. :) )

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