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[NA PvE East] - Looking To Start New Modded Server


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Just started a fresh 8k modded map, on day 22 or 23. Modded POI's, weapons, vehicles, overhauled farming, and some other things, but not overboard. Just game enhancements :) I wanted some more vehicle options, firearms and POI's so that's most of what's on the server as far as mods go. Currently just myself and a couple buddies, thought I'd try to get more people involved. Feel free to reply here or join our new discord if interested. 21+ please. 



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Server Settings

Difficulty: Survivalist

24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes

Daylight: 18 Hours

Bloodmoon: 7 Days

Zombie Day Speed: Walk

Night Speed: Run

Feral Speed: Run

XP: 300%

Loot: 150%

Loot Respawn: 5 Days

Bloodmoon Count: 6 Enemies


Player Killing: None

Claim Size: 51 blocks

No Raiding No PvE


Tier 6 crafting, Lams Perks, Trader Always Open, Better Auger, Tons of Vehicles, Fallout Mod, and more. 

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