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Hunting and Tracking after succ hit


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53 minutes ago, theFlu said:

Relax, take a deep breath. Remind yourself you're talking about a tiny pointless part of a tiny pointless game.. we may love the game, but it's still just a game.


The discussion revolves around "how" because that directly effects the "after". The after seems to consist of "run to the corpse, skin it" for most of us, there isn't much to discuss there.


You seem adamant to push your idea through; that's fine. Me, I'd rather not have such markers at all since cluttering my UI with icons all over is just annoying. For example, I still don't really like the dig quest markers and such. All of that icon spam is a much bigger issue for me than losing a chicken every now and then.

its the little things that made everything else possible in life..

just like how you became you today from a little tiny organism 

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3 hours ago, saoron666 said:


you see! you said  it all!.. everyone plays the way they like and on the difficulty they wish..

and when you go hunting you dont do it in your own backyard and hope some deer/chicken/rabbit comes through..


the point of this topic is not HOW You HUNT! it's AFTER you kill your pray/retrieving it !

I am sure they can mark it, just like having the perk for finding prays when they alive in green.

Maybe make the last lvl of Animal Tracker in such way that you can also track the kill?



Actually, I'd prefer the last level of Tracker to let you to track Z's like you do in the kill quests.

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