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Create Compatibility Mods?

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Hi All,


I am amazed by the enormous amount of Mods and Modlets that are created for 7D2D!! They certainly spice up the game and make the official development time pass by so quickly. However, I can't decide which Mods to play individually and intend to "combine" some.


Therefore my question to all the experienced 7D2D modders: Can I simply dig into the mod folders and conduct a "search for differences" like we used to do in Skyrim with the SSEEdit?


I am well aware that some mods conflict wich each other and that one aspect has to be replaced by another one. However, I would love to do so and setup a great game for myself and maybe even some friends.


So, is it really as simple as "two mods should not modify the same variables" and if so, just delete the one I don't want (including all references in the code)? If I oversee any conflict, will the game crash entirely (like in Skyrim) or will it play until something awkward happens (like missing textures, horrible animations or certain mechanics not coming to play at all)?


Looking forward to a nice discussion! Any help is appreciated.

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Thx for the answer xyth!


I fully agree, but I was imagining the following: Looking at all the headers in the config .xml and isolate the ones referring to the same property name. Then I can see which mod is conducting what changes on the respective vanilla prop. If they just use it with the <append xpath> function, I can ignore it. I would delete all <remove xpath> functions (if anyone is ever using them) and only focus on the <set xpath> ones which I can manually work on and decide what change I want to have.


One problem that I have figured out so far are the referrals to meshfiles. I probably can use the UABE to open this file and determine if any changes to vanilla object have been made - right?


Still have to read myself into the coding of (i) classes, (ii) perks, (iii) farming and (iv) vehicles so I can understand how to resolve any issues in that regard. But wouldn't you say that this general approach is "right"? I can imagine that it will be a lot of code work, but could it be successful?

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