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  1. I understand, thanks for the insights. So its up to TFP to change the mechanics. The infections stuff sounds pretty cool though
  2. You are a hero. Telric; as always! Thank you very much. - Ah, I see, this makes sense for the bears. Haven't ever thought of giving them other kind of food xDD - Thanks for explaining the code to me, I really wish I would be able to send you my feedback in form of code so you just have to approve and thats it (like in case of the bears). When you say you increased the timer, does it mean the time a number is generated or the time when the RNG starts its rolling? I mean it would make sense to implement a cooldown after "harvesting" if the code allows this easily. Like animals can only be harvested every X hours (in game) at least. Yeah, I am speaking about hardcore gameplay again, but: If you can just spend one day in your farm giving birth to plenty of animals, you will have enough food for 50 days+ which is kinda gameplay disturbing... or what do you think? I am just thinking here - if you have the time and willingness to discuss a little bit - Indeed, it doesn't add much gameplay if gloves are one-time use, but at least they hinder the mass farming issue from above a little bit and require new players to go loot for another resource and adjust looting strategies. - I realized that your animals never despawn which was very convenient for me when I started farming instead of looting since I knew where they were located xDD Thx for the quick download link, very convenient. And thanks very much for paying attention to my feedback. This makes me feel like I am someone important LOL You're the best!
  3. Hi Telric, its me again annoying you So I have continued playing with the Husbandry Mod that you have kindly provided to all of us and I want to give you some more feedback. - Birthing rate has some error. Idk if it is stacking or so, but I gave birth to a small baby bear and the female adult was still pregnant. So I was able to "harvest" her twice immediately. And after a short while (like less than 20 seconds) she was pregnant again. My farm has now 10 baby bears in less than 5 minutes RL time. I have not "harvested" her for a long time so this might be the issue. Furthermore, there are two male adult bears and her - this might also influence something. *- The "tada its a boy!!" sound is louder than the game sound (on a bothering level; I am usually not the one complaining about too loud sounds but ... it shocked me xD) *- When feeding the bears, no green plus symbols are appearing (as they do when I feed my sheep, chicken or pigs). Instead the normal eating animation is played and I am confused if I just ate the animal food or indeed fed the bears, haha. *- I was surprised that the sterile birth glows are not stacking. And even more surprised that they are reusable. Wouldn't it be more realistic if they were a one-time-use item? [Actually, I would prefer them turn dirty and you have to clean them - but this will certainly be too much to be asked for] - Are the animals coded as animals or NPCs? When working on the quests "Kill X animals" your wild animals (with NPC in their name) don't count. Makes sense that home-grown farm animals don't count, but wild ones as well? Also I am using the Srillion interface that allows me to change the variable "zombies in game" and "animals in game" when starting the game and even though I have reduced the latter from 75 to 30, there are still too many of your animals showing up (for my taste - since I try to play a little bit more hardcore; otherwise it would be totally fine) That's all I have to say for now. I hope I could make myself clear - if not, please let me know and I try to explain better. Again, I don't want to say that this Mod is bull@%$# or anything like that. Conversely, just because I like this mod soo much, I want to give you feedback. And obviously, some of the bullets are just my personal taste (I marked them with a * in front of the bullt now), if you or the community is not agreeing with me, thats completely fine; I will understand. Thanks for your attention and the great mod!!
  4. Hi Guys, thanks for all the help. Haven't had this issue with RWG or Nitro Maps so I thought it had to do anything with KingGen. Sorry for bothering you in here. - I reloaded twice and still had the issue present. Obviously just bad luck. - Will turn off reflections and occlusion - thanks for the advise. - I used the CP version of KG - thanks for the integration as both Mods are very popular!
  5. Hi KingGen team, I am using your tool with the Compo Pack and want to report a little bug I have encountered. I am not absolutely sure if its related to the CP as also vanilla prefabs are affected but with NitroGen I have not encountered any issue like that. The bug is: lootable containers have a visible, but walk-through-able block placed in the middle of themselves. Well, this is purely an aesthetic problem but sometimes it mixes meshes of prefabs as well so that ""visible but "walk-through-able""" blocks are placed in front of doors so you still can enter the building but will become very surprised by zombies. And you will have a hard time exploring as every wall could potentially contain the door to the next room. The last time I had it with the Butcher Petes vanilla prefab. Just wanted to let you know guys. Keep up the great work!
  6. Hi Telric, have playtested your recent changes and have to say I am very pleased. As announced, the animals speed is relatively slow, but I like the perception range: They start fleeing from you when you are somewhat away from them. This way you don't constantly bump into animals and think "well I take that free meat". In my opinion, this enhances the gameplay quality of this mod so please don't be annoyed if I thank you once again
  7. Hi Telric, thanks for acting on my feedback!! It was nothing urgent that "completely destroyed my gameplay experience and made this mod unplayable", haha. But I it will certainly make playing more enjoyable. I will playtest it this weekend and let you know what I think. I indeed have to criticize that vanilla animals are running off too slowly (because a sprinting player can catch them easily), but this is really not your beer. That's something the Pimps have to work on. I highly appreciate you listening to my feedback. I am honestly surprised by this!
  8. Hi Telric, sorry for my imprecise language..... Forget about the 3rd point, I am not a modder (yet!) so I guess my ideas will be a little bit off right now. It was just an amateurish advise for a well-versed modding expert. Regarding the 2nd point: I mean that wild herbivore animals should be fleeing from you in order to make hunting more realistic. If you can easily approach a wild goat and take your time to aim for a head shot with a meele weapon, hunting becomes a little bit ... idk... unsatisfying... Of course, your farm animals are used to yourself and will not flee as you are the one feeding them. I really like that from your mod. But wild animals don't know you and should treat you like a potential enemy (and run away in case of herbivore ones) I hope I could make my "point" more understandable; I apologize for the confusion. And anyways, it's just my humble opinion. If everybody else likes that, then I will quietly join the majority.
  9. Also Hi Telric from my side. Your husbandry mod is exactly what I was missing in 7D2D so much appreciated!! To provide you with some feedback (if wanted): - Yeah, I also realized that "wild" horses give you glue when harvesting xD - Aggressive animals like spiders, bears and wolves still attack you when being approached, but wild herbivore animals will not flee from you anymore. Well I mean great that they yield less resources so there is a balance, but still... I am starting with modding but do you think it would be possible (and not toooo hard to implement) to separate wild animals from grown ones? I mean you have added the "baby" mechanics already so maybe you can also tell the system to treat babies and ex-babies differently. (no offense, just thinking out loud) - The pathfinding AI seems to be terribly stupid. Haven't thoroughly investigated if this also happens in the vanila, but the animals keep killing themselves. Other than that I have to say that the icons are very helpful, not annoying due to the close radius and provide much immersion to the game. I haven't really come far by now, but will come back once I have started the butchering You seem to put a lot of effort into modding 7D2D so thanks for the hard work!
  10. Thx for the answer xyth! I fully agree, but I was imagining the following: Looking at all the headers in the config .xml and isolate the ones referring to the same property name. Then I can see which mod is conducting what changes on the respective vanilla prop. If they just use it with the <append xpath> function, I can ignore it. I would delete all <remove xpath> functions (if anyone is ever using them) and only focus on the <set xpath> ones which I can manually work on and decide what change I want to have. One problem that I have figured out so far are the referrals to meshfiles. I probably can use the UABE to open this file and determine if any changes to vanilla object have been made - right? Still have to read myself into the coding of (i) classes, (ii) perks, (iii) farming and (iv) vehicles so I can understand how to resolve any issues in that regard. But wouldn't you say that this general approach is "right"? I can imagine that it will be a lot of code work, but could it be successful?
  11. Hi All, I am amazed by the enormous amount of Mods and Modlets that are created for 7D2D!! They certainly spice up the game and make the official development time pass by so quickly. However, I can't decide which Mods to play individually and intend to "combine" some. Therefore my question to all the experienced 7D2D modders: Can I simply dig into the mod folders and conduct a "search for differences" like we used to do in Skyrim with the SSEEdit? I am well aware that some mods conflict wich each other and that one aspect has to be replaced by another one. However, I would love to do so and setup a great game for myself and maybe even some friends. So, is it really as simple as "two mods should not modify the same variables" and if so, just delete the one I don't want (including all references in the code)? If I oversee any conflict, will the game crash entirely (like in Skyrim) or will it play until something awkward happens (like missing textures, horrible animations or certain mechanics not coming to play at all)? Looking forward to a nice discussion! Any help is appreciated.
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