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Thank you guys for a great game.

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I have played this game for over 200 hours. I don't get to play much because I work a lot. I know many of you have more than I do. But as someone that plays a very big variety of video games I always come back to this one it's very unique I love balance you guys have I know it's not perfect of the RPG and the PVP I've played many PVP games and I just don't like them there's a lot of toxicity or I can't create an awesome base because I'm too worried to lose it. I like that you've made a game where you can play it PVP hardcore and enjoy it  if you want or PVE And just enjoy a good game with your friends. I love the crafting in this game though compared to most other games the crafting and this is awesome I hope never mind you can build your own cities that would be cool. I can't wait to to see what you have in store for this game. And I thank you for your hard work on this game. I'm glad that you guys are making your own game and not trying to make something like Rust or fortnite ok game but there's so many games like it! I love that you have your own game and you're having fun with it. And there's many people that support you keep doing what you're doing cuz you're doing awesome in my opinion. Have a wonderful day. 

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