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Massive Performance drops during Sundown and Sunset


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game runs fine on high/ultra settings > 50 fps even in areas where there is a lot going on... 

on certain ingame times of day (about 18:00 to 22:00 and a similar time in the morning) when i'm in highly modified areas, i.e. base, framerate drops quite badly < 15 fps at times - i suppose it has something to do with active light sources i suppose, but i'm not sure how it connects to the time of day... 

lowering settings gets the framerate a bit better overall, but doesn't really help with the big drops


RTX 2060, i9-10850K, 64GB RAM


another guy i play with has similar issues, but i don't know his specs.

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It's something that will be optimized in the future. For now you can likely solve this by turning reflected shadows and ss off. Sun shafts shouldn't cause much of a tax but turn them off if it still does. If none of the above, do what q123 said and put shadow distance to medium. 

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