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Getting started - CanPickup to block

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Years ago I used to generate wrappers to mod 7d2d xmls. It allowed me to create recipes and blocks and re-apply changes after game updates. I'm now trying to accomplish the same as below by using modlets but am already running into issues.




public static void CreateRecipeAndAllowPickup()
  /* donotuse */
  var doNotUseSign = new RecipeWrapper(Item.doNotUse, false);
  doNotUseSign.AddDistributed(Item.plantChrysanthemum, 1, Item.leather, 3, Item.leather, 3, Item.leather, 3);
  doNotUseSign.Count = 9;
  doNotUseSign.CraftTime = 9;
  doNotUseSign.Clone("doNotUse"); // clone + remove to get in same place in xml

  var doNotUseSignBlock = new BlockWrapper(Block.doNotUse);
  doNotUseSignBlock.CanPickup = true;



I started out with the stop sign, trying to allow player to pick it up but ... yeah, can't even get that to work. 😃


The modlet seems to load just fine so I guess the culprit is my blocks.xml. Is there any way, in-game, to look at the current attributes of items?


...\7 Days To Die\Mods\TJL\Config\blocks.xml

	<setattribute xpath="/blocks/block[@name='signRoadStop']" name="CanPickup">true</setattribute>


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Looking at that block, it doesn't have that property, so it would need to be an append, not setattribute. Something like:


<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='signRoadStop']">
  <property name="CanPickup" value="true"/>


And also, this should probably go into the Discussion and Requests forum. This one is mostly used for released mods.

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