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Military Bases/Facilities


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I was thinking about possible future military bases as locations to explore and loot. Basically those places would help to find items like military cloth schematics, car parts, some weapon nd armour parts etc. So basically quite high tier loot, but at the cost of a new soldier zombie type, or a new version of a mutant zombie which would be very hard to kill with bullets due to armour, forcing the player to use explosives or other kind of specil weaponry, a zombie boss of sorts. Such base could be different types, starting from an airfield, or some larger barracks, to a research facility or even a rocket silo.

On another hand i think a coop or singleplayer lore quest would be interesting, something you wouldnt have to do if you didnt want to, but somethibng that could give you something to go for, like finding the source of the virus, or the local hive...

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