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Very low performance (localized) after partial POI collapse


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My current game is suddenly experiencing very poor performance in one specific area from what I suspect is a partial POI collapse (I caused a balcony to collapse by breaking down the supports). The only other thing I can think of is I somehow managed to put my vehicle in the same spot as a block that was being crafted in my inventory. It created a bunch of error spam until I removed the vehicle. However the performance hit only occurs around where the collapse was. When standing near the area, FPS is half of what it normally is, and there is noticeable input lag when looking around with the mouse. Walking away will cause performance to go back to normal.


There is no further error spam, the day is 25, my gamestage is 93. I've tried changing the terrain quality. It has nothing to do with my computer as the game was running perfectly fine. It is only this specific save, in this specific area. Not exactly game-breaking but aggravating nonetheless, and would be much more problematic if I wasn't planning to leave the area anyway.

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