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how to spawn zombies standing still?


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hello folks. i see some youtubers and forum screenshots with zombies neatly lined up and standing still. how do i do this?


I'm able to press F6 to get the Spawn Entities screen and spawn whatever i like.


And, when i press ESC, i can see the POI Teleporter to the left, and all the game environment options to the right. i know i'm missing something obvious probably.


It is a special hot key combo?

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4 hours ago, theFlu said:

Numpad * will turn off the AI so the @%$#s won't move.

Spawning in a line, just press alt when clicking on the name to spawn in with the "spawn 25" selected. (remember the command killall if you can't find it ... )

NICE. thank you much. and yes i already have killall saved as a macro on my gaming mouse ;)

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