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My list of things i would like to see before the game goes gold.


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Love where the game is and how far its come I've been playing for a very long time and hope to still see some awesome stuff come out of the game.

So a couple of things I think would be cool additions to also allow use of things we don't seem to anymore and some QOL improvements.

  • Please please please add a clan system. it would function in a way that would allow all members of a clan to work with items as if it was there own land claim. or make a clan based land claim block for multiplayer servers. its very frustrating not being able to pick certain things up/interact with them and having to waste resources because the land claim owner isn't online.
  • Adding an extension to work bench or just another blacksmith bench that allows you to utilize all of the weapon/tool parts that are collecting in chests you could either allow you to upgrade level 5s to level 6s and or use it to help increase the stats on certain weapons to help get better stats on damage mag size ect.
  • I know what has been said about the electricity stuff but QOL for electricity would be amazing and logic def adds a very fun interesting element to any game i've ever played. at the very least add a very very simple logic that allows 2 cameras to be hooked up to one door or add a camera into the door that you could adjust from both sides allowing it to open and close when you get a certain distance from it. having only one input output limits you a lot on what you can do.
  • maybe have a way to clean up wires like a in wall(not visible)/on wall wire hanger that doesn't cost against power draw but allows you to neatly run wires.
  • limiting turret firing arc maybe by holding control and scrolling or something along those lines.
  • auto sorter would be absolutely amazing via electricity that you assign items to a certain box and it does it on its own. (We are hoarders of everything if we can and sorting after missions is extremely time consuming)
  • Please god turn down the volume on the drawer it is soooooooo loud. and its our primary storage container.
  • a computer that allows you to craft from any bench in your base from any drawer so you don't always have to have the items on your person. fully automated crafting would streamline late game crafting.
  • More paint options, deco, and block shapes especially slightly less aggressive ramp style blocks for vehicles so they don't damage blocks and or are easier to climb.  make all trees drop a generic seed that you can then chose the type you plant? also add more designs to this allowing bushes/flowers. Any time you can add more variety to everything adds replay ability and makes adventuring much less stale.
  • Functioning wells when electricity is hooked up for infinite water source as long as there is power. More powerful forges that are maybe like stoves that are faster hold more resource but also generate more heat in return. speeding up late game stuff. functioning stoves for cooking, water fountain for drinking.
  • set limits on repairs to stop accidental upgrades and or an icon to tell you if the next hit will be an upgrade.
  • get rid of the red light effect inside that red dot sight. its almost unusable at night and possibly make it so the dot color changes with the dye on the gun.
  • Maybe more special infected. mission with big boss zombies or boss zombies during a late late game 7th night horde. 


There is so much more that I and others would love to see. We appreciate what you have done especially those who have stuck with it since the early days. I have fond memories of the original navezgame map and have played almost every alpha since ii bought the game in 2014. I know there is only so much you guys can do and that there is only so much time and you guys probably have other games you would like to make. Please keep up the amazing work.

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It would be great to have something in addition to friend request. Something like band / clan invite that would enable more options to choose from or some ranks like Clan Leader, Member invites, not only friends list etc. It would be nice to have the option to teleport to one of the clan mates... something like nearby bed spawn system but only when the player is not being attacked by zombies or players in proximity of 150m.


Actully the red sight dot could have been customised, the colour and the size, intensity of the glare... that would be an awesome feature in separate game menu.


Having some sort of a random mini boss event at the end of the wave at 3 AM would be cool. For example some buffier radiated zombie etc that would bring more loot and ammo etc. 

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