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Why can't you craft specific blocks


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I got myself into the hobby of doing ruined building restoration and there has been many cases of specific blocks or shapes of buildings that I should be able to craft but I don't have access to those outside of creative mode.

Is there any serious reason we don't have access to all the blocks in the game via crafting means and must resort to creative mode, or is it just developer negligence and all of them will be added in eventually?

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If it makes you feel any better, the developers use creative mode to design with those blocks all the time. They certainly aren't crafting them. The serious reasons you don't have access to them in the default game as craftable items is as follows:


1) Some are high polygon count specialty decoration blocks that could cause performance issues if overused

2) Too many crafting recipes bog down the crafting menu and hurt performance.

3) Many shapes are meant to be only used for the creation of POI's for the game and not to be in the game.


Alpha 20 may have a new shape feature that might make it feasible to have every shape in the game. We don't know details yet but hopefully in the coming months it will be made clear how much more we might get access to. But we won't ever get everything simply because the shapes aren't always designed with the intent of having them for gameplay-- just for designing. At least they haven't simply hidden all them from us.

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