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Need a wizards help please


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Recently this error started to pop up. 

2020-09-02T20:55:56 52.786 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'loot.xml' failed
2020-09-02T20:55:56 52.786 EXC Duplicate lootlist entry with id 130

After removing my mods one by one the error still persisted so I went ahead and uninstalled 7dtd, deleted the 7dtd folder in the steamapps folder and removed deleted the 7dtd folder from the appdata /roaming folder. I then went into regedit and made sure all references to 7dtd where purged.  I then reinstalled the game A19 (b180) and started new character, new map, new game and the error still appears without any mods or even mods folder.


So my question is to any 7dtd wizards out there. How do I fix this error? I looked at the loot.xml in the 7dtd config folder and this was the only entry I could find with ID 130.

<!-- cntClothesShelfJeans01 -->
<lootcontainer id="130" count="1,2" size="6,2" sound_open="UseActions/open_garbage" sound_close="UseActions/close_garbage" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate">
	<item group="groupApparelClothes" prob="1"/>
	<item name="resourceCloth" count="1,5" prob="0.3"/>
	<item name="resourceScrapPolymers" count="1,3" prob=".2"/>

Do I simply delete this entry and hope the game redoes the loot.xml file? is this even the correct entry?  I was unable to find any other duplicate entries in the loot.xml with the same ID 130 . i am completely stumped and have no idea what I am looking for or doing.

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1 hour ago, Vampirenostra said:

give it a try verifying the game files integrity and see what happens. having loot.xml modded should error verification.

Thanks I tried that before I completely wiped the game from my system and reinstalled it.  Seems I have it working now though.  Even after a reinstall of the game I went in and deleted the loot.xml file then revalidated the game and no more error.

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