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  1. Love this Ui however I show 20 hotbars on screen and if I use any of the extended hotbars all items in those bars disappear upon game restart.
  2. No worries and thank you very much! Been dying to try this out. Thank you for the fix.
  3. I am running into a weird issue A19 (180). I have all the components to build the glider but for some reason "Craft" will not hi-lite at the work bench. If I hit "W" it tells me I lack the components to build item. However I have 100+ over the amounts required. I also tried pulling up the recipe from in my inventory and at the forge but still not able to build. Thanks
  4. Thanks I tried that before I completely wiped the game from my system and reinstalled it. Seems I have it working now though. Even after a reinstall of the game I went in and deleted the loot.xml file then revalidated the game and no more error.
  5. Recently this error started to pop up. 2020-09-02T20:55:56 52.786 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'loot.xml' failed 2020-09-02T20:55:56 52.786 EXC Duplicate lootlist entry with id 130 After removing my mods one by one the error still persisted so I went ahead and uninstalled 7dtd, deleted the 7dtd folder in the steamapps folder and removed deleted the 7dtd folder from the appdata /roaming folder. I then went into regedit and made sure all references to 7dtd where purged. I then reinstalled the game A19 (b180) and started new character, new map, new game and the error still appears without any mods or even mods folder. So my question is to any 7dtd wizards out there. How do I fix this error? I looked at the loot.xml in the 7dtd config folder and this was the only entry I could find with ID 130. <!-- cntClothesShelfJeans01 --> <lootcontainer id="130" count="1,2" size="6,2" sound_open="UseActions/open_garbage" sound_close="UseActions/close_garbage" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> <item group="groupApparelClothes" prob="1"/> <item name="resourceCloth" count="1,5" prob="0.3"/> <item name="resourceScrapPolymers" count="1,3" prob=".2"/> </lootcontainer> Do I simply delete this entry and hope the game redoes the loot.xml file? is this even the correct entry? I was unable to find any other duplicate entries in the loot.xml with the same ID 130 . i am completely stumped and have no idea what I am looking for or doing.
  6. Thank you so much for the information. Is this how people use Harry's Vehicle Mods on vehicles? I found the lines and it appears that it isalready set to have 4 mod slots however in the game the slots do not appear. <effect_group name="vehicle4x4TruckPlaceable" tiered="false"> <passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="4"/> <passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="base_add" value="300" tags="EconomicValue"/> <passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="base_set" value="7500"/> </effect_group>
  7. So is there a mod that adds vehicle mod slots to the crafted vehicles in the game? I have not come across any on nexus or 7dtd mods. If you look at the Harry's Vehicle mod it shows pictures of the 4x4, motorcycle, gyrocopter with mod slots below the cosmetic slot. Also there are several youtube vids that show these vehicles with mod slots. So I guess i am trying to figure out the piece of the puzzle that I am missing to gain these same slots.
  8. I have seen in several screen shots that the 4x4, motorcycle and gyrocopter all have mod slots however in my game A19 (b180) none of the vehicles have mod slots. I have google searched for 7dtd Missing vehicle mod slots, 7dtd mod slots missing vehicle, 7dtd no mods slots on vehicles and have not found any information about this issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this? I have Harrys vehicle mods but no way to use the engines, pistons, cams gears etc... because none of my vehicles have the mod slots. I tried starting a new game with the only mod being Harry's Vehicle mod and the vehicles still have no mod slots. The only slot that they have is the cosmetic slot.
  9. Looks like b177 broke a bunch of stuff in this mod.
  10. I just generated a 16x16 map and the R (Loot all) is no longer producing the error. I am going to go through all my mods one by one and see which if any breaks it. I do not know if a mod caused the failure or if it was the old map that was made prior to B177 yet. OK, so the error was being produced by PHD's Bigger Backpacks and Secure storage. I put that mod in and poof R loot all stopped working. Removed mod and it worked. There is a update to this mod so I am going to try that and see if all is well.
  11. No I am playing one prior to b177 navegain map. Going to gen a new map without mods and see if that does anything. Will report back.
  12. I have found that with today's update came a few minor inconveniences. Those being a few mods don't seem to work with the R (take all) function intentionally or non-intentional changes by TFP. I confirmed these finding with a friend on my solo game as well as his. The mods impacted by the update appear to be. RNG be gone. Harry's Vehicle Mods More containers This is just a FYI post. I am really sad to have to remove RNG and Harry's. RNG just makes the game better all around and Harry's brings a level of customization to vehicles that every gearhead can appreciate. Edit: After more digging it turns out there is nothing wrong with the above mods and that there is something wrong with A19.177 update. Something they did related to R (Take All) function. This is thew exact error I get when pressing R (Loot All) from the log file. This error occurs on all type of containers within the game. 2020-08-05T16:39:20 7703.476 INF Time: 81.99m FPS: 41.37 Heap: 2665.8MB Max: 2769.7MB Chunks: 269 CGO: 179 Ply: 1 Zom: 3 Ent: 6 (55) Items: 0 CO: 1 RSS: 7312.8MB NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at XUiC_LootWindow.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x00136] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiC_LootWindowGroup.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x00000] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUi.OnUpdateDeltaTime (System.Single updateDeltaTime) [0x0014d] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiUpdater.Update () [0x0003f] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiUpdateHelper.LateUpdate () [0x00000] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 (Filename: <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86> Line: 0) <-----this to me looks like a registry key reference.
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