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Das Bonfire - Alpha 19 PVE Community Server PC


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Hey, I am currently hosting a community server for my twitch channel. 


But the more players, the more fun! :)

That´s why YOU can also play on my server.

It is a PVE Alpha 19 Server on PC. It´s a vanilla server btw ^^.

If you want to join my server, join my Discord ((https://discord.gg/S9eYPUZ) and contact me (Feuerwolf100) or CptHodeninfekt.

You can also join my twitch stream (https://www.twitch.tv/feuerwolf100) and write "!server" in the chat.

Btw. don´t get scared, if i am talking german in my stream. Just say hi and that you speak english and I will continue to stream in english ^^.


Hope to see you in my stream or Discord. :D





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