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Trader quest issues PS4


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So I've be en watching Kage848 p la y and it made me purchase the game on console, but after I complete the tutorial quest and find the trader that's where my quest stop, I've tried everything to get a trader quest but just can't any suggestions? I've uninstalled the game re installed tried closing and opening cleared all files, died just to reset, tried several different game worlds, ive tried playing with settings and difficulty levels, no idea where to go from here 

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That's because you now own the very outdated console version. Everything you basically see from YouTube is with current/recent alphas. Console ended with like A15 with very little hint of A16 perks.


Sorry to say, but this is where it ends for console. There is no painting, no traps/electricity, we have a minibike only, etc.  And before you ask, no, there is no further updates etc happening to console. We can thank Telltale for that. There are other threads that do go into it if you look around some.


Despite the limitations, and lack of content that eventually happened on PC, game is still enjoyable for what it is. But if you watch YouTube and expect that, then no doubt you'll be completely disappointed. 

Oh, as to where to go from there, simply build, explore, etc. If you are of a creative mind, you can build some unique buildings/bases.


Navezgane is a good starting map if you are brand new, and gives a more hometown feeling. Random Gen does provide some really good seeds (just have to remember to type the seed name in exactly as written). 


Basically, loot, mine, build, defend/fight the undead. Really up to you at that point. 


Sorry to be the one to let you know though. 

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Yeah, they gave it to Telltale, but when they went under, well, we lost any chance at further updates. It's a shame, Iron Galaxy was working on a decent sized one, but lost forever now.


We may see a newer version few years from now though for next gen. They wont even look this way until pc version is done. Though to be honest, don't want the @%$*#! show version its become and what they plan to do to be honest.


Anyway, happy playing. It is a fun game if you like the style. Can be overly addictive to be honest. As mentioned above, if you don't know about random gen worlds, what you name it will determine the map. So if you look for any map seeds for console, just be sure you type the name in exactly. For example, Valencia (capitalize the V) is an amazing map, seen some say GreatWhiteNorth but haven't checked it out yet. Some maps however, can be completely barren or filled with wasteland with nothing but space.


Either way, have fun. Sorry for the bad news still. 

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