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Unforgivens T3 mod slot Randomizer


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Hey guys Unforgiven here Just finished A modlet That randomizes Slots from 1-6 This does not Mean that a t6 item will have 6 slots A t6 item can have 3 slots For those of you that Like a challenge Because Of what TFP has done with our backpack size making us choose What Items to keep or throw away This idea came from that Please Note: This will NOT work with Darkness falls mod due to custom code 

A big thanks to TFP for making the game and Max fox Gaming For his Help on Code questions and tips


The mod IS Server side compatible only So If you're playing on a dedicated server so thatyou don't really need to Add both client/server side 

You can download the mod At Unforgivens a19 modlets Hope you guys don't rage too much 😛

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