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  1. Hey guys Unforgiven here Just finished A modlet That randomizes Slots from 1-6 This does not Mean that a t6 item will have 6 slots A t6 item can have 3 slots For those of you that Like a challenge Because Of what TFP has done with our backpack size making us choose What Items to keep or throw away This idea came from that Please Note: This will NOT work with Darkness falls mod due to custom code A big thanks to TFP for making the game and Max fox Gaming For his Help on Code questions and tips The mod IS Server side compatible only So If you're playing on a dedicated server so
  2. So my friend Oocia Came up with an Idea Why not add Brass as a harvestable Item from The large bolders in the world As you know Sometimes Playing On multiplayer servers or Playing solo can be a pain as Resources Can be hard to come by in early game He came up with the idea of adding Brass to bolders As He didn't know how to use xpath he added the information Manually But thanks to SphereII's Xpath tutorial I was able to come up with a small Moddlet That adds brass to bolders in the world Currently It is set to my Servers settings For survival enter at your own risk mod I Am releasing this As
  3. I have Maps generated From the walking dead Tons and tons of water 8k 10k and 12k Tried 13k computer didn't like it sooo I'll revert back to 10k .... Don't forget Ocean side And the Junkyard Where the Trash people (Jadus Led ) There's a few that aren't Walking dead Based but I made those for Another Person's mod.. I have uploaded screenshots of the Prison POI I posted and you commented on
  4. Welcome to hell Mod and Surivival enter at your own risk Update: Welcome to hell is now Updated to 17.4, Also Survival enter at your own risk has An SDX version of the mod with a few more Surprises added to the mod Server side files can be found https://gitlab.com/army.bratt44/alpha-17.4-survival-enter-at-your-own-risk-server-files Client side files For the SDX version of Survival enter at your own risk Can be found on the Launcher as soon as its availible feel free to download and test the SDX version of the mod out, As I said above You may contact me any time via the email address a
  5. Survival enter at your own risk is Remodified Welcome to hell mod I've revamped and added some things that I thought Most players enjoyed from Alpha 16 And add A bit more variety of modlets from the Modding community The only Modifications I can take credit for are the Vanilla edits of the XML files that I did myself I am NOT taking Credit for any of the modlets added into this mod All Credits go to The modding community for all their hard work in making 7 days to die an enjoyable game to play Also Compliments go to TFP for Creating 7 days to die and allowing the community to mod the game
  6. Welcome To Hell mod Hello, I'm the modder of this mod . It Contains various Modlets(xml based) made by the 7d2d modding community Although its not as As intense as the version in alpha 16.4 was I've kinda toned that down a bit I had a few ppl rage quit in the 16.4 version because it was so intense I forgot to do a forum post as i've been busy with Other things non 7d2d
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