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  1. So my friend Oocia Came up with an Idea Why not add Brass as a harvestable Item from The large bolders in the world As you know Sometimes Playing On multiplayer servers or Playing solo can be a pain as Resources Can be hard to come by in early game He came up with the idea of adding Brass to bolders As He didn't know how to use xpath he added the information Manually But thanks to SphereII's Xpath tutorial I was able to come up with a small Moddlet That adds brass to bolders in the world Currently It is set to my Servers settings For survival enter at your own risk mod I Am releasing this As his idea But as my Code and Thanks to Bdubyah He was able to help me fix my Mistakes I Am proud to release to the community And this modlet is free for all to modify and use to your liking This will also be avalible on the Mod launcher soon Direct Download Linkhttps://gitlab.com/army.bratt44/mods Thanks For allowing me to release this Small modlet I will be updating this modlet In the near future So don't worry If anyone has any other idea's They'd like me to try Feel free to shoot the Idea's my way
  2. I have Maps generated From the walking dead Tons and tons of water 8k 10k and 12k Tried 13k computer didn't like it sooo I'll revert back to 10k .... Don't forget Ocean side And the Junkyard Where the Trash people (Jadus Led ) There's a few that aren't Walking dead Based but I made those for Another Person's mod.. I have uploaded screenshots of the Prison POI I posted and you commented on
  3. Outside Of the prison Lower prison quarters Prison quarters Upper hall Guards quarters Prison control
  4. I can try and get some screenshots if my computer allows me to load it I'm currently working with an i3 laptop with only 4 gigs RAM
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    The Prison

    Ladies and gents I give to you a Prefab that was built for me by a good friend of mine And has built some prefabs for my mod in a17, This prefab Is based off Some of the features of the walking dead it has 2 Underground floors Electric doors installed & is made of Polished steel This POI DOESN'T HAVE SLEEPERS IN IT so you will have to configure it to your game & place it in your RWG File in your 7 days game I hope you all enjoy surviving in a polished steel prison https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fWl3ILkVHhdcFM7Fh2DTv7UH5ai39esK/view?usp=sharing I sadly don't have any Screenshots of the POI so if someone would gladly post screenshots under this post it would greatly be appreciated
  6. Welcome to hell Mod and Surivival enter at your own risk Update: Welcome to hell is now Updated to 17.4, Also Survival enter at your own risk has An SDX version of the mod with a few more Surprises added to the mod Server side files can be found https://gitlab.com/army.bratt44/alpha-17.4-survival-enter-at-your-own-risk-server-files Client side files For the SDX version of Survival enter at your own risk Can be found on the Launcher as soon as its availible feel free to download and test the SDX version of the mod out, As I said above You may contact me any time via the email address above and give feedback issues constructive critsizem
  7. Survival enter at your own risk is Remodified Welcome to hell mod I've revamped and added some things that I thought Most players enjoyed from Alpha 16 And add A bit more variety of modlets from the Modding community The only Modifications I can take credit for are the Vanilla edits of the XML files that I did myself I am NOT taking Credit for any of the modlets added into this mod All Credits go to The modding community for all their hard work in making 7 days to die an enjoyable game to play Also Compliments go to TFP for Creating 7 days to die and allowing the community to mod the game I did not want to Update Welcome to hell mod Since recently there's been talk of alpha 18 coming out soon, Welcome to Hell And this mod WILL be updated in alpha 18 Welcome to hell will be the hard core survival style mod And This mod Will be The lighter version And a bit more easier version I don't want people rage quitting On welcome to hell I decided to make this mod A bit more easier Hope you enjoy! If you have more questions feel free to Email me at : army.bratt44@gmail.com and i will reply as soon as i can!
  8. Make sure you back up your 7 days to die as this is modded as well you forgot to tell him that
  9. Welcome To Hell mod Hello, I'm the modder of this mod . It Contains various Modlets(xml based) made by the 7d2d modding community Although its not as As intense as the version in alpha 16.4 was I've kinda toned that down a bit I had a few ppl rage quit in the 16.4 version because it was so intense I forgot to do a forum post as i've been busy with Other things non 7d2d
  10. Hey Guys Just a quick update I am working on A few things for Halloween IE: Sounds Zombies Craftable items (within the mod) maybe a few Scary looking zombies that you've never seen in 7 days before I'm gonna try and get the mod updated this week if possible
  11. I honestly WOuld recommend Waiting until alpha17 since things will change BUT I will wait about a month before Updating to alpha 17 So that TFP Can fix any issues or bugs that may arrise with the update
  12. Hi Just replying to your comment There's a few things i haven't added yet going to be adding as i go for the client side Skills are a lot tougher to obtain And Um Certain Zombies will Puke like a cop on you ( Not going to Say which ones but I will say Watch out for them ) I have made a few changes since the upload and Qb1junkie was streaming my mod Earlier today and got a NRE On one of the special hordes I placed in If you get this error Please let me know And i'll get it fixed asap
  13. Hello 7 days to die community ! After much hard work Testing and Editing I Now bring you Welcome to hell mod Information about the mod: The Mod has an Old school MMO style play, Skills are earned Just like Valmod, Zombies are no joke Nor are hordes If you remember the Old Diablo grind days and Love that play style sit back Hold onto your chair and be prepared to die There might be a few zombies that I did a few name modifications too And a few things you've never seen before in Any mod before Also This mod Can be played in Perma-death or Classic arcade style which is originally the play style i was aiming for when i started building this mod. If you would like to Download the Link Directly Feel free to click on the link below Also both versions will have BBM Client Download link https://github.com/unforgivengaming2018/WelcomeToHellModClient For Dedicated servers ONLY: https://github.com/unforgivengaming2018/WelcomeToHellModServer If you have any questions or find anything That needs to be fixed Feel free to contact me via email : army.bratt44@gmail.com
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