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Last time i looked standing in my base to the stars and it was a very nice moment filled with good new ideas :)


1. You are running over the plains, harvest some cactus and uhhhh you look to the sky and damnit you see the moon is begin to lay in front of the sun. From this time you have maybe 2-4 minutes to search an saver place. What ever happen with zombis in a solar eclipse, its not good for your life.


2. Hell is this Trader pretty, but hey i am not alone in the world, tought that before i found this traderoutpost. But where are the people of this girl, from where she gets the tons of good stuff?

1 or 2 hard missions should be to defend the trader base angainst a very big Z . You defend it with a little troop npc traders in solo and with your teammates in multiplayer! If the girl get kill, the mission fail!


I think this game need new and more better missions or events!


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I do like the idea of an Eclipse making for an unpredictable horde, though they seem to happen in real life something like every 2.5 years at any given location. Maybe if they happened in game approximately every (7*7*7) 343 days, or even just randomly with a low chance.


Perhaps unusually think storm clouds (perhaps as a result of the nuclear detonations) that black out out the sun could happen approximately every (7*7) 49 days, or even just randomly with a modest chance.


Perhaps just normal thunderstorms make for some semi-night activity among some Zombies?

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Yeah, I like the idea of more random events as well. Each time the weather changes to become cloudy I hope for a huge thunderstorm, some natural event that causes damage to any buildings nearby and some unexpected waves of zombies or maybe some big boss walking through trees and buildings while approaching you - better you got your m60 and/or rocket launcher along with you. And imagine while you fight a horde in your base and suddenly some lightning hits the ground next to your base and all electricity is gone for a minute. ;)

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