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  1. My son, he play very like zombie games and now he saw what i play and he ask me for playing a multiplayer 7d2D with me. The problem is, he is 12 years old and the game is horrible full of exploding bodyparts, blood all arround and really crazy. He say that he saw much harder on tube or TV.....really? Ok, should he wait now 6 years or is there a chance to get here a cut version of the game? We need not exploding heads or a loose of a arms. If you can disarm this bloody moments there should be a moment where i can allow him to play with me, but in this original way of game i do not want to
  2. The topic say what i miss in the game. This lone wolf is hard, fight the hole day against a horde of the hell and is never be afraid, have never psychic problems? I miss a skill which protect me against this psychic invades of my brain. Normal i should be afraid, after got an attack of a beastly hound or get hurt by multiple Zs. This should mean that my fighting skills go to bad and i must sleep or go hide to get back to normal. Without invest points in this skill a horde night is much more dangerous. And pls stop the food income, no conserves, all over wild growing nat
  3. Should be good to change the look of the camp fire to begin or in later game. Maybe very nice would be a kitchen like cooking place like thats one in old times with fire inside or later electrical! A campfire on a table is so stupid and looks very bad!
  4. Its simple, you give us a readable toon and we fill it with our drawings about a silly guy who try to survive. Maybe start a contest inside this forum for our fanmade comics and the best comes ingame. This comics you can find like the books. Read it in the night and the boring times gone away
  5. Hey guys, my idea is simple but i think is a good way for a new way of using the death bodies. The player can start to build up a ton with a small construction to a generator or first to a grill, use biogas to cook. In the ton you can carry the Z bodyparts which you can farm from them or you hunt animals, life as a farmer or wait for other humans which you do not like....all comes in the ton The generator give you energy for your E traps or load it in the batteries. WE NEED MORE ECO, in 7D2D too
  6. Another fine idea by me(did not found inside the forum): We need a option menu with exclude function for all Z types. You want to play without a screamer? No problem, turn it off in the menu before you start a new game. Or you hate the fat mums...eat her
  7. we have very soft couch or corner sofa, but i want to see me or my friends sitting or laying on it, please implement this! Oh and i wish me a rubber doll....hey i am a lone ranger i have only needs
  8. Hello i wonder a bit about the sound output if i land a headshot on a zombi...it groan. Ok groan, let it be if a Z fall down, hey they are dead, normal they should say nothing... but headless?....
  9. It would be fine if i can select the Z. Ai for the pathfinding. If i want to build up a undergroundbase they dig their way from a side to my stones/base and search not more a way over my ladders/doors. It would be a good idea to setup these in a button in the options. No more digging or yeah they eat earth!
  10. Last time i looked standing in my base to the stars and it was a very nice moment filled with good new ideas 1. You are running over the plains, harvest some cactus and uhhhh you look to the sky and damnit you see the moon is begin to lay in front of the sun. From this time you have maybe 2-4 minutes to search an saver place. What ever happen with zombis in a solar eclipse, its not good for your life. 2. Hell is this Trader pretty, but hey i am not alone in the world, tought that before i found this traderoutpost. But where are the people of this girl, from where she g
  11. hello, i know your time is very small, it must be a hard work to expand this wonderful game. But this idea would maybe bring tons of new players to 7daystodie. The only one what you must do for it, is creating an new world stetting, one in a middle age century, with castles, villans and other things 700 years ago. A world without machine guns or other new deathbringing machines. but there was the alchemists, crossbows and very much fine elements. On this way 7daystodie could reborn as a diamond for fans of a mmo style with zombies, witches and devils. sorry about my bad englis
  12. Hello Pimps, i saw last time a vid row of some nice guys playing the A15 on tube, after that i looked in the A19 on my mac. A15 was amazing with the skill and item system, level your items with using or crafting it. Spend some points from gettin level! i loved this system, but i love A19 too. Maybe something between it would be great, not the system like it now to spend some points or read only a book! Hey and a dog or a funny wolf would be great for solo play! ':) bind him on the base stone near my house to bark if a zombi attack!
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