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hi, I have some issue with A19 inside burn FOREST.


When i start to come inside only burn forest my fps drop a lot (70-80 to 10 !)


i have a good computer i think :


RTX 2070 super

R7 3600x

32gb or ram

only SSD


And even with that's is totaly not possible to play in burn forest, even (i tried) to play in low graphique.


Anyone have idea please ?

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1 hour ago, marcou44 said:

Hi, Thanks you a lot 😃 i set 35% all other in high settings and now i have stable fps, was only this f****** things.


Thanks again 😃

You're most welcome and I'm glad it helped! That was because of mainly the smokestorm and other particle effects in the biome, lowering that should help in other areas like the snow/desert too.

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