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  1. You have some area destroyed like building, house ... If you dont want, you need to remove them from the prefablist before create your map in nitrogen I did that's, and keep only the prefab I want. So you can exactly choose your style
  2. Inside the folder of nitrogen tool
  3. Oh my god you did it =) I miss some other zombie, so see your work and your orc lovely ^^ BIG THANKS
  4. Hello, look perhaps inside the localization.txt and the item like you did.
  5. Which error can you take screenshot about this ?
  6. marcou44

    SMXhud - [A18]

    Hi Sirillon, good job for your work it's amazing. tanks
  7. which error you got ? I fix error by change "<property name="LootListAlive" value="77"/>" inside the entityclasses xml in the mod fodler Change the value and look, (I needed 2 or 3 times to change for find the good value)
  8. Thanks, i tried again with vanilla game A18 and same, i have all error when I put on the ground ^^ so perhaps bug due to the A18 for some people. Edit : I find all error so now all work good except jetpack dont need fuel ^^
  9. Hi, you dont have any error with heli or bugy when you put on the ground (A18)?
  10. Same for me, only heli made error out of the box .... Have you find solution ?
  11. Thanks, i just ask for information. Already really good work, i only play with your tool.
  12. Does it works with the COMPOPACK_40 ? i saw 39 in first post. I read the post compoback where you wrote "I have updated NitroGen to use custom zones. So you can have your own Asia town etc. " So Asian Tow is inside preab compo-pack ?
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