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Silencers and loud guns


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Not sure if I got this right, but apparently some weapons do not have a separate noise level when a silencer is equipped.

Here's an excerpt from the sounds.xml:


<SoundDataNode name="mp5_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/>
	<Noise ID="0" noise="54">
<SoundDataNode name="mp5_s_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/>
	<Noise ID="0" noise="18">

I cut the unimportant parts to make it clearer. My understanding is that mp5_s_fire is the silenced version, is that correct?

Then for desert vulture, we only have this:

<SoundDataNode name="desertvulture_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/>
	<Noise ID="0" noise="52">

So no _s_ variant. Am I to take it that desert vulture has the same relative noise level regardless of it being silenced or not? The sound is certainly different in each case.

Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place?

This is true for some other guns, notably the tactical AR. Not sure what the sharpshooter gun is, but it does have two settings here.

I wanted to mod the noise levels to my personal choice but I'm not sure if this is doable at the moment and if yes, I do not know how.


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You can see the variants in the item modifiers.


This is from item_modifiers.xml line 137 under the modGunSoundSuppressorSilencer section.

        <item_property_overrides name="gunHandgunT3DesertVulture">
            <property name="Sound_start" value="pump_shotgun_s_fire"/>
            <property name="Sound_loop" value="pump_shotgun_s_fire"/>
            <property name="BarrelOffset" value="0,0,0"/>
            <property name="BarrelScale" value="1,1,1"/>


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