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My broken bug report


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I didn't feel like starting a new game so I am completely aware that the choice not to could be the cause of these bugs, but I've experienced a fair few weird ones, so I thought I would share them and see if anybody can repro on a clean game start.


1) Loaded iron crossbow bolts are invisible. The animation plays, but there is no bolt visible. Can easily screenshot if requested.


2) Crossbow bolts don't stick in enemy models. When you hit an enemy with a bolt there is a pretty significant offset between the model and the sticking place of the bolt, making it appear as though the bolt is floating in midair. If the enemy is still alive and continues to move, the bolt waves wildly in the air. Observed with zeds and some but not all animals.


3) Robotic turrets fall through the floor. I set 2 turrets to guard a door while I cleared a room. Came back, no turrets, but I could still hear them. HUD indicators showed them below me, where I found them 1 floor down. No idea what triggered this as turrets did not fire while I was in the room and I have only seen this happen once out of many turret uses.

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