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Trader yeah fine, but where are her or his people?


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15 hours ago, Hogwarts said:

I would harden his walls, set new defenders or workers inside. The Trader should be a location where the rest of humanity live, attack by horde of zombs and we can help or run.

That is a good basic idea you got there. The walls are already  "hard" though as they are protected by an "unlimited claim block"

Maybe something cool can be done with that though, meeting a few more other survivors than just the traders and the planned bandits.

Right now, after you do 10 quests or so at the trader you get a package to bring to another trader, but maybe that could used to add another story mission.

Instead of bring a package to the other trader (the special mission) you would have to get over there and kick some zombies @%$*#! invading that trader area.
That, combined with other NPC doing stuff around the traders could be reall cool.

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