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BUG REPORT: armor modifiers not working


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A19 b178 - all armor modifying perks and/or items not working to modify armor ratings as specified. (example: the penetraitor perk rank 1- ignore 15% of armor with firearms archery and spears, does not lower target armor to allow for extra damage done from shots on armored zombies) tested on 3 military feral zombies as shown with 0 perks in penetrator, 1 perk in then all 4 perks in. all shots dealt same amount of damage. AP,HP ammunition types that boast a similar effect also deal no changes. books that boast similar perks deal no effects as well. tested with all ammo types on all categories of weapon,no effects. tested multiple targets, both zombie and player, no effects.4ca4957d25b7a17e6ad846f14d855f15.jpgpenetrator perk 0


second picture shown- penetrator perk 1

a47a0b6fe2ee15fd09b11ef020fec94b.jpg penetrator perk 4




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