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Vastly improved FPS - sharing my experience


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OK, so touch wood... my FPS is consistently about 60 now.  


With A18 I had around 30-40 FPS. I'm not a much of a gamer and was willing to live with that... And then A19 dropped and I got a nice little boost, it was closer to the 40-45 FPS mark.  


Then after I think the second update it suddenly became dismally bad. I saw lots of reports on bad FPS so I just left it at that and trusted that whatever TFP "fixed" would get solved before A19 stable came out.  


Today I decided to actually read some of the FPS threads (I avoid these because these tend to be about people's own very specific situations) and I saw some suggestions to just drop terrain quality to low as that is often a quick fix.  


So I decided I'd give that a bash. But one of the posts had specs fairly similar to mine, and I decided to go over all the settings and compare them.  


The very first item to check was vsync => off. I always have it off, but being meticulous I decided to check it in any case, and what have you, my VSync had somehow gotten turned on! I don't know WHEN this happened or why it took me so long to check this, but since that is often an issue for me, I stopped at this point:


I then went with the following:

1. Select the "High quality" profile.  

2. Set Terrain to "Low"   

3. VSync off as it should be.   

4. Motion blur OFF  

5. DoF OFF   


And for the first time ever I get FPS over 50 with 60-ish being consistent now and sometimes momentarily as high as 80!  


I'm of course quite happy with this result so decided to share!  


My computer specs, for what it's worth - I don't have a "real" computer, only a Laptop. xD  


MSI Leopard 8RE
i7 8750 H  
24 GB ram  
First drive is 256 GB M2  
Second Drive is 1TB SSD  
Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB  


I bought it as a workstation for software development. Like I said I'm no gamer, but I do enjoy 7 Days, I just die a lot.

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