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Random disconnect/timeouts?


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Hey all,


Ok so, out A19 server has been running great. Today however, we logged in and I was disconnected within a minute. I kept getting randomly dropped about 1-5 minutes, no matter what I was doing. I've tried everything I could find from resetting my network interface, flushing the caches, even adjusting the page file size which actually DID help...now I can play up to 30 minutes.


If I look at F1 it says it disconnected me due to timeout...yet I'm playing, not just afk or something.


If anyone has any pointers or even a place to go read up on something I'd really appreciate it.



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It does it with windows managed and with me setting the size. And yes it's just me. I'll have to get with the server admin...I mean my wife...about the log file.


Ok, just played several hours. I turned off anything to do with shadows and while the world looks washed out...it kept me from crashing.


I have had this problem with Ark in the past with the RTX cards so I'm wondering if it's related to that.

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